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CBD Hemp Face Cream (250mg)

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Prior to Hemp Oil infusion, Bison Face Cream base is specifically formulated to restore, retain moisture, and hydrate the skin without any greasy feeling. The base formulation adds amino acid derived natural emollient to leave skin soft, smooth, and radiant, infused with moisture while also benefitting from the antioxidant power of ginger root extract which strengthens the cellular self-defense system.

• 60ml jar, 250mg total

• Made with clean, quality Full Spectrum Bison Hemp Oil

• The formulation of Bison Face Cream base optimizes the skin’s hydrous flow by reinforcing the syntheses of essential lipids and proteins involved in the organization of the corneal layer.

• The cream texture provides the advantage of an oil absorbing moisturizer in acne prone skin.

• Bison Hemp Face Cream is non-comedogenic (does not block pores) and paraben-free.

Lab testing results for CBD Face Cream

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