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Kelly S.: "I was gifted some Bison Extracts products in preparation for my double mastectomy surgery. What an amazing gift it was!! Post-op, the pain cream made the pain from my drains (which was the worst part of recovery) completely go away. The tincture made the tightness in my chest lessen and I was able to relax and properly focus on healing. I am blown away by the quality and will be a customer for life! Thank you so much for such an amazing product line!!"

Patient #1: 53-year-old female professional, some prior experience with cannabis, came to the clinic complaining of anxiety and stress, and purchased a bag of Bison Hemp’s 10 mg CBD gummies. She takes one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Immediately after the first dose, she was pleasantly surprised of the “mental clarity” she obtained and realized the profound impact these had on her daily anxiety.

Patient #2: 44-year-old female, administrative assistant, with no experience taking cannabis previously, came to clinic complaining of extreme anxiety, and purchased a bag of Bison Hemp’s 10 mg CBD gummies. She takes 1-2 each morning, 1 mid-afternoon, and 1-2 in the evening before sleep. She reported significant reduction of anxiety and stress immediately following the first dose as well as improved sleep. She stated, “These are life-changing!”

Patient #3: 58-year-old male, mechanic, previous experience with CBD sublingual drops, came to the clinic complaining of foot pain and stated that CBD had helped previously but the product used before was too expensive and was looking for an affordable option. Within 20 minutes of consuming one Bison Hemp’s 10 mg gummy, his foot pain disappeared. He now takes one gummy per day and after 8 days reports his pain has not returned.

Patient #4: 38-year-old female, executive administrative assistant with extensive cannabis experience, came to the clinic complaining of severe jaw clenching (to the point she popped off a crown on her tooth) and griping anxiety that was affecting work performance and sleep. She purchased a bag of Bison Hemp’s 10 mg CBD gummies. She called the next morning and stated that she had complete relaxation of her jaw, no clenching, and “the best sleep of my life.” She states that she takes 2-3 gummies during the day and again at night.

Patient #5: 45-year-old female, business-owner with extensive cannabis experience but unable to use THC products during the day, complained of body aches and pain, limited mobility, inability to focus, and overall stress. After taking a Bison Hemp 10mg CBD gummy in the morning and another one at night, she reported significant reduction in stress and anxiety, better focus, reduced pain, improved mobility, and improved sleep.

Patient #6: 53-year-old male, retired, experienced cannabis consumer, suffering with single-side paralysis, called the clinic asking about Bison Hemp’s 10 mg CBD gummies. A buddy gave him 3 gummies the night before and he slept like a champ for the first time since his injuries. He continues to take 3 gummies nightly for improved sleep and reduction in pain.

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